where it all started 2000 Orignial Patent Filling 2021 learn more 2002 humble beginnings 2002 Original Patent Granted for Parelle & Staggered Design with Moisture Coating 2000 2005 learn more Establishing Creativity 2009 3rd Generation Patents Include Use with Artificial Airstream (Jointly with Novamatics, 3rd largest global manufacturer of slot machines) 2005 2014 increase applicablity 2014 4th Generation Patents Include Plastic Mold Injections & Expand to Any Geometric Shape. Also, Include Natural or Weak Airstreams Specifically Mentioning Convection Air 2009 2016 learn more break through 2016 5th Generation of Patents Include the Directional Airstreams both Sucking & Blowing, Production Materials Expanded to Specify Metal with Specific Application in Die Casting Vacuum Systems, Temperature Spectrum up to 1,000 Degrees Fahrenheit, and Airflows up to 780 MPH. Also, Include Moisturizing Filters via Oil Particles in the Airstream 2014 2017 Change 2017 Death of Founder Erich Petein 2016 2019 new beginning 2019 Global Pandemic COVID-19 SARS Created a Massive Market Awareness for Clean Air 2017 2020 growing strong 2020 New Ex Mgt Team
Refocused on Human Health Air Filtration
New Corporate Website
PR Awareness/Earned Media
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where we are now 2021 1st Grade Classroom Field Study in Austria - Design New Plastic Flat Design Filter for Diebold Nixdorf to Replace Original Centered Stick - Design Used in Slot Machines
- Launches Dexwet Partner Program - 1st US Sales Partner Signed in New York - 1st US School Installation in Memphis, TN - 1st Territory Partner Signed in South Africa - Acquired full patent rights for 3rd Generation Patents from Novamatics - 1st Territory Partner Signed in USA: CT & NY
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