Dexwet Pure Air Filter

Dexwet Pure Air Filter

Fine dust in the home is not good news

Typically, people spend 80-90% of their time indoors. Infamously indoor air quality is often awful. Fine dust and hazardous ultra-fine dust from the environment and indoor sources can enter the human bloodstream circuit through our lungs, leading to inflammation, entering the human bloodstream circuit through our lungs, leading to inflammation and respiratory and heart diseases, and some are even carcinogenic. Fine dust concentration is invisible and requires modern equipment to be detected. Once people realized this problem, the demand for pure air at home became a fast-growing market.

Integrating the Dexwet Pure Air Filter


The Dexwet Pure Air Filter produces no perceptible drag on the intake side of an air duct and only about 6% on the return side of a forced-air system. The Dexwet Pure Air home filter system is passive, meaning it uses no energy, but can use existing air circulation to filter in-room air. They are easy to install, and they demonstrate their effectiveness visibly over the long term. The filter is a one-time purchase. Consumers can recycle and reuse the filter modules indefinitely unless a user breaks them. It is absorbed in the absorber fluid slowly forms a cake inside the filter, which can be washed out with hot water. After drying the filter, Dexwet Absorber Fluid can be reapplied with a spray can, which is economical and easy to use. The Dexwet Absorber Fluid makes the filter work, and with every application, it is as good as new, with a duty cycle, dependent on the application and the level of air quality desired, typically ranging from 6 to 18 months.

Radiators Become Silent “Vacuum Cleaners”

Good indoor air quality requires a healthy oxygen level and low particulates. However, as with everything else, there are tradeoffs, for, with fresh air and oxygen, particulate pollution often comes along. With every window open to let in fresh air and oxygen, fine dust finds its way into the home or workplace. It circulates in the indoor air. Without air purification, there is no way to reduce this concentration of fine dust in our indoor air. The convection heating principle works to drive air circulation and keep particulates and pathogens floating in the indoor air.

In some cases, pathogens can also hitch-hike on particulate pollution in the air. Convection heat radiators significantly contribute to fine dust and other pathogens permanently by their very operation. Active air filters are electrically driven and add to your electrical bill. Dexwet Pure Air is a passive filter that is driven by the existing airflows. Thus it does not raise your energy bills and maintenance. The filters can be mounted on the bottom with magnet fittings for installation materials in the hydronic convection radiator. The point here is that other air filters require energy because of drag, but Dexwet creates almost no air drag, requiring less energy to run.

Better Air Quality Means Better Health

Clean indoor air and a better room climate with reliable oxygen content improve the quality of life at home, at work, in kindergarten, or other schools.
Convection heating and HVAC (forced air) keep raw and fine dust suspended in the air, along with ash, pollen, animal hair, and various aerosols, including pathogens. Dexwet Pure Air can be a decisive contribution to a long-term solution, a healthier environment for you and your family, or your colleagues at work.