Dexwet sets the course for growth

Vienna (07/23/2015)
Dexwet shareholders overwhelmingly approved an announced capital increase of 700 percent on Thursday with 84 percent of votes present. This raises the equity base to more than 50%, thus ensuring the company´s stability and competitive capacity during upcoming expansion plans. In doing so, shareholders are investing fresh capital to the amount of 1.17 million Euros into dexwet.

Dexwet elects new Chairman of the Board

Vienna (10/04/2015)
During the annual General Shareholders' Meeting of Austro-American filter manufacturer dexwet International AG, Dr. Wolfgang Schiketanz, renowned capital market expert, was elected Chairman of the Board. The company gave a positive overview on the fiscal year 2014, with a further doubling of sales and the successful launch of the new air filter system "dexwet pure air". For 2015 a strong increase of production capacities and in equity is planned.

Healthy Indoor Air for Kindergartens and Schools

Vienna (12/15/2014)
After 12 months of development the Austro-American filter manufacturer dexwet International launched its new room air filter system "dexwet pure air" at the Magna Racino Ebreichsdorf. The "world's first made in Austria" is already being delivered from beginning 2015 and sold through a nationwide plumber network. In a first step, especially kindergartens, schools and hospitals should be addressed, where the risk of infection is high because of contaminated particulate matter, says dexwet founder Erich Peteln.

dexwet confident for 2015

Vienna (09/12/2014)
At the end of the year Austro-American filter manufacturer Dexwet International celebrated two premieres at the Magna Racino Ebreichsdorf near Vienna. dexwet-partner Renauer Motorsport unveiled the NASCAR Ford Mustang V8, which will take part in the racing season 2015 to push the filter tests for the automotive industry.

Good Forecast for Filter Manufacturer dexwet

Vienna (2014/03/28)
In its Annual General Meeting dexwet presented a positive balance sheet and forecast on the financial year 2014. In particular, by expanding existing collaborations in the gaming industry and ATM industry and with the launch of a new generation of filters for radiators, the company expects a significant growth of revenues. In addition, the entry into theautomobile industry was announced, where Dexwet wants to score with its pollen filters.

Wet filtering by dexwet

Vienna (2014/03/26)
Innovation Wet filtering: Patent Made in Austria. Conventional filters consist of fleece layers that cleanse ambient air of fine dust particles. The adsorbed particles are larger than the space between fibers and remain stuck. Filters may become clogged and contaminated, if they aren’t regularly replaced. This can lead to overheating and equipment failure of the device, but also causes health problems.

dexwet: New Filters for increasing Fine Dust Pollution

Vienna (2014/03/24)
One of the greatest challenges of our time is the increasing pollution due to respirable dust. Microscopically small dust particles enter our lungs and are directly transported into our bloodstream - causing severe damage to our health and wellbeing. Traffic, industry and domestic heating mainly cause fine dust.