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Filter Manufacturer Dexwet to acquire Air Purifier Producer Aludo

Filter Manufacturer Dexwet to acquire Air Purifier Producer Aludo

German specialist for high-end air cleaning devices expanding Dexwet product portfolio

Marburg/Vienna (ptp012/27.09.2018/10:05)
Dexwet Holdings Corporation, parent company of Austro-American filter manufacturer dexwet International AG, announces the takeover of the German air purification equipment manufacturer Aludo GmbH. Aludo CEO Lothar Schneider is designated as the new Chief Technical Officer (CTO) on the board of the holding. The acquisition was closed on September 26. Aludo shall remain as a high-end brand with Dexwet inside®.

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Filter Manufacturer Dexwet pushing for NASDAQ

Filter Manufacturer Dexwet pushing for NASDAQ

Dexwet Holdings Corporation new umbrella company and market entry in China

Vienna / New York (pta028/23.07.2018/18:30)
Austro-American filter manufacturer Dexwet International AG is currently preparing for its IPO on the NASDAQ in New York. This was announced by CEO Clemens Sparowitz at the presentation of the new NASCAR factory team Dexwet-DF1 Racing last week in Vienna. The company had already missed a new international structure at the turn of the year based on unanimous shareholder resolutions. The new parent company Dexwet Holdings Corporation is leading the way on the US market.

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dexwet: Annual General Shareholders Assembly

dexwet: Annual General Shareholders Assembly

Business year 2016 causing tears as well as joy for shareholders

Vienna (ptp024/05.05.2017/10:10)
In remembrance of the late lamented Dexwet inventor, founder and Supervisory Board Member Erich Peteln, the annual ordinary shareholders assembly of Dexwet International AG for the business year 2016 took place on the evening of Friday, 28th of April in Wolke 19 in Vienna, Donau-City.

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NASCAR Whelen Euro Series Saison-Opening with fresh Dexwet High-Performance Air Filters

NASCAR Whelen Euro Series Saison-Opening with fresh Dexwet High-Performance Air Filters

Dexwet Absorber Fluid presented for NASCAR High-Performance Filters

Valencia (ptp010/10.04.2017/10:10)
During the Season Opening of the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series 2017 Dexwet International AG presented the "Dexwet Absorber Fluid" for easy filter maintenance and refurbishment of Dexwet Class Filters.

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Alexander Wiesmueller to join the management board of dexwet

New chairman of supervisory board Hansjoerg Wagner positive about growth potential in Asia

Vienna (ptp028/31.08.2016/13:00)
On occasion of their fourth annual general meeting, the Austro-American filter manufacturer dexwet International AG appointed IT-entrepreneur Alexander Wiesmüller (Vianet, GlobalCore) as new Chief Operating Officer (COO).

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NASCAR with dexwet high-performance airfilters

Innovative plug-and-play filters improve performance of race cars

Zolder (ptp031/21.04.2016/15:35)
NWES and gold sponsor Dexwet International AG together proudly present the Dexwet NWES HIGH-PERFORMANCE AIRFILTER upgrade as the final item of the 2016 performance upgrade that was introduced in Zolder together with the new aerodynamic package and bumper design.

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NASCAR: Long-Term Partnership with dexwet

Filter Manufacturer to equip NASCAR Wheelen Euro Series

Vienna (ptp012/27.10.2015/10:55)
The NASCAR Whelen Euro Series and Dexwet International AG announced a multi-year partnership and supplier agreement that will bring the revolutionary Dexwet High Performance Air Filters to the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series cars starting from season 2016.

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dexwet at Allergofair 2015

Pure Air Filter system now also available for consumers

Tulln (ptp002/24.10.2015/12:30)
Austro-American filter manufacturer Dexwet International AG is going to present the new room air filter system Dexwet Pure Air (dpa) at the Allergofair 2015 in Tulln (Lower Austria) for private customers. The Green tech innovation was launched in spring for kindergartens, schools and office buildings frequented by the public. Meanwhile dpa solutions are also available for private households, including professional cleansing of radiators, installation and maintenance.

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Dexwet pleased with successful capital increase

High demand – shares 135 percent oversubscribed

Vienna (pts011/19.08.2015/10:00)
With the end of the rights offering period on Monday 17th August 2015, the first capital increase phase of the Austro-American filter manufacturer has been successfully concluded. “The contract of this capital increase was met with an extraordinary turnout and majority in July in the annual general meeting, and now our shareholders have shown that their actions speak as loud as their words”, dexwet CEO Clemens Sparowitz happily summarised.

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Dexwet shareholders lay Groundwork for Growth

Equity ratio increases to more than 50%

At an extraordinary shareholder´s meeting shareholders overwhelmingly approved an announced capital increase of 700 percent on Thursday (June 23, 2015) with 84 percent of votes present. This raises the equity base to more than 50%, thus ensuring the company´s stability and competitive capacity during upcoming expansion plans. In doing so, shareholders are investing fresh capital to the amount of 1.17 million Euros into dexwet.


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Chairman Dr. Wolfgang Schiketanz

Schiketanz new Chairman of the Board

Filter manufacturer increases sales by 166% - New production method

Schiketanz new Chairman of the Board
Dr. Wolfgang Schiketanz (60), capital market expert of Schiketanz Capital Advisors, is the new Chairman of the Board of Austro-American filter manufacturer dexwet Interational AG. He was elected unanimously at the Annual General Shareholdermeeting of the company on Thursday evening in Vienna. Dexwet looks back on a successful year of growth in 2014 and has doubled its sales again, said CEO Clemens Sparowitz. A capital increase of about 700 percent is planned before summer.

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dexwet CEO Clemens Sparowitz

Dexwet introduces new room air filter system

World's first DEXWET PURE AIRE ensures healthy air in schools and kindergartens

Vienna (pts019/12.12.2014/13:45)
Austro-American filter manufacturer dexwet International recently introduced its new room air filter system "dexwet pure air" at Frank Stronach's Magna Racino in Ebreichsdorf. The filter system is primarily intended for use in schools and kindergartens where the fine dust air pollution is particularly high and often harmful to health. The "world's first - made in Austria" will be available already from the beginning of 2015. It will be distributed via a region-wide network of plumbers and installers. "20,000 units will be produced monthly", dexwet-CEO Clemens Sparowitz said.

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Diebold Austria CEO Gerhard Gierer

Austrian filter technology for international cash card systems

Longer service life of ATMs - Return on investment within one year

Filter technology from Austria will soon be used in ATMs and debit cards systems, in case of positive pilot results. This was agreed by the leading manufacturer and provider ofATM and self-service systems, Diebold, and Dexwet International AG, patent holder for wet filtering technologies. First test results are extremely encouraging, says DieboldAustria managing director Gerhard Gierer. "Thanks to the fine dust filter of dexwet we save service and material costs. Initial evaluations show that the dexwet fine dust filtereffect is beneficial to our service and material costs."
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dexwet-Founder Erich Peteln

Filter manufacturer decides market offensive

Annual General Meeting unanimously supporting proposals

Vienna (pts001/29.03.2014/10:55)
The Annual General Meeting of Austro-American filter manufacturer dexwet International AG on Friday evening in Vienna has unanimously approved theManagement and Supervisory Board and accepted all the proposals for the current fiscal year. Founder and CTO Erich Peteln presented the new corporate identity, the newest filter product development for radiator manufacturer Rettig and the company's entry into the hot phase of the development of pollen filters for the automotive industry. 
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dexwet-Founder Erich Peteln

General Meeting: Good prospects for dexwet 

Filter manufacturer investing into new industries: Radiators and Pollen filters 

Vienna (pts009/31.03.2014/09:15)
Filter manufacturer dexwet International last Friday in its Annual General Meeting announced a positive outlook for the 2014 financial year. By expanding existing collaborations in the gaming industry and in the ATM industry and with the help of a new generation of filters for radiators, the company expects a significant growth of revenues. In addition, the upcomingentering into the automobile industry by developing own pollen filters holds great expectations. For the year 2014, the Executive Board forecasts a quadrupling of sales, a slightly positive EBIT and a reduction in the debt ratio. 
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CEO Sparowitz explains filter technolgy

Video: dexwet to invest in Automotive Industry

New filter technologies for increasing fine dust pollution

Vienna (pts015/28.03.2014/09:35)
One of the greatest challenges of our time is the increasing pollution due to respirable dust. Microscopically small dust particles enter our lungs and are directly transported into our bloodstream - causing severe damage to our health and wellbeing. Fine dust not only threatens human health and the environment, but also adversely affects the smooth operation of electronic equipment and machines. People and equipment must be protected, for example, by means of filter technologies.
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dexwet-NASCAR-Team 2014

Filter manufacturer dexwet goes Motorsports 

Partnership with Renauer to participate in NASCAR and GT4 series 

Vienna (pts005/14.03.2014/08:35)
Austro-American filter manufacturer dexwet International will launch its filter technology also in the world of motorsport, to test it under extreme conditions. This is based on a partnership with the Lower Austrian auto racing team Renauer, which was announced on Thursday night. Renauer Motorsport will participate in the emerging U.S. NASCAR Wehlen series in Europe in 2014 as the first German-speaking team. The premiere takes place on 12-13. April 2014 in Valencia, Spain.