Dexwet pushes forward into new industrial branch

Attendance at the trade fair "Euroguss 2016", which covers innovative solutions for die-casting processes (aluminum, magnesium or zinc, among others), turned out to be very promising for the members of the dexwet team on site. Interest in the groundbreaking dexwet filtertechnology is large, as conventional air-filtration methods cannot be applied to the vacuum-systems of big die-cast machines, or are more workarounds than process-oriented solutions at best.

Many conversations with large, in part market-leading, companies clearly defined a need for a filter that retains a satisfying and consistent performance throughout its operating life.

Since the middle of 2015, prototypes have been tested in cooperation with the DGH (Druck Guss Hof) Group at their plant in Hof. The results have surpassed even the expectations of the inventor of the dexwet technology, Erich Peteln. The current filter service cycle of about 4 to 8 hours were to be expanded to 24 hours. The dexwet protoype of an aluminum-particle-filter was able to push the cycle to an incredible 7 DAYS.

Now dexwet intensely works on developing a market-ready filter enclosed in a metal pot, which is capable of performing per the industry's requirements regarding process reliability.

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