27.09.2018 By: Wilfried Seywald

Air purifier Aludo becomes part of dexwet

Air purifier Aludo becomes part of dexwet

Air purifier Aludo becomes part of dexwet

Dexwet Holdings Corporation today announced the takeover of German air purification equipment manufacturer Aludo GmbH, based in Marburg an der Lahn. Aludo CEO Lothar Schneider is designated as the new Chief Technical Officer on the Board, Aludo remains as a high-end brand with dexwet inside®.

The acquisition is driving forward preparations for the planned market entry in China and Asia. Dexwet CEO Clemens Sparowitz also considers the move as a milestone on the way to the intended IPO next year. For Lothar Schneider, the integration of Dexwet filter technology into the Aludo product landscape is "a technological quantum leap". The mutual integration of the two companies has been underway since the contract was signed in June this year.

Aludo manufactures high-quality air purification units that are particularly effective and very quiet. The free-standing units can also be used in the bedroom or children's room without generating disturbing noises or harmful radiation fields. The devices are currently working with conventional filter technology. The first high-end air cleaning product line will be equipped with dexwet wet-filter technology.

Lothar Schneider, Managing Director and technical mastermind, has earned a good reputation in the air purification industry with the Aludo Air brand since 2015. He brings over two decades of experience in the ventilation industry. Prior to founding Aludo GmbH, he was involved in the development of several companies in various technology companies and most recently in the area of ​​decentralized home ventilation. As the new CTO, Schneider will be responsible for significant parts of the group's research & development. The focus lies on the expansion of the joint production in China.

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