Wet filtration

The most important aspects and advantages of dexwet filter technology are easily explained and are easy to understand for everyone.

1. Binding particles permanently with wet filtration

Anything filtered by dexwet remains inside the filter. This is mainly due to the oil coating on filter rods, which even heat, will not dry out. The particles remain permanently stuck and cannot be released due to vibrations, mechanical blows etc. If airflow is interrupted – for instance when the air stream is reversed past the filter– the already bound particles remain permanently stuck to the filter elements and are not released. (Wet filter technique).

2. High and consistent air permeability

Common filter media consist of finer or coarser fiber – or honeycomb material -, which may further reduce air flow due to clogging after having been in use only a short time, perhaps only 20% of its service life. (Filter material is sealed until the filter is saturated.) At dexwet filter technology, we always refer to an „open system“which guarantees consistent air flow over a long period and shows no loss in performance until 80% of service life have been reached. Dexwet suggests keeping airflow at a maximum for specific uses in order to avoid overheating or damage to machines. 

3. No contamination of filter elements

When bacteria, viruses, germs, fungi or spores etc. are bound to the specific carrier substances tailored to the area of application, the substance´s creep properties enclose them and deoxygenation kills them off. Cold, warmth and humidity can often lead to contamination in conventional filter systems – for instance, pollen in the motor vehicle sector, air conditioning etc. This is virtually impossible when using dexwet filters for the above-mentioned reasons.

4. No billiard- ball-effect

Conventional systems retain both fine dust and coarse dust, taking the difference in size into consideration. Nanoparticles are 1000 times smaller than micro particles and their mass may be up to 1.000.000 times less. We refer to the „billiard-ball- effect" (implus-effect) when micro particles hit already bound nanoparticles and, pushing them through the filter element, cause them to be released. The longer conventional filter systems are in use, the more likely they are to begin emitting the fine dust they have just filtered out. Therefore, while dry and electrostatic filter systems suffer from this billiard-ball-effect, the oily surface of dexwet filter elements binds each particle permanently, preventing its release. Dexwet filters can even be used in combination with ventilators in order to improve cleansing action – and the filter continues to bind any and all dry sludge.  

5. 90 - 95% filter efficiency

You can achieve 90-95% particle filtration efficiency depending on structure and calibration of dexwet filters. The latest methods are used to carry out measurements. Filters defined by gravimetrically determined efficiency are no longer up-to-date since even one bound micro particle can drown out tenthousands of nanoparticles. This would mean that one micro particle was filtered but hundreds of nanoparticles weren´t, nevertheless resulting in filter efficiency of 99,9%. Thus, all tests carried out by dexwet indicate the total sum of particles filtered out. True 90-95% of all particles are bound in the filter media forever.

6. Flexibility and expandability

Dexwet filter technology stands out from the rest because of its extremely flexible and expandable system, which can easily be adapted to any requirement.  The multifunctional filter system MF3 sets new standards and can be expanded in height, width and length.  Customers and prospective buyers can now configure their equipment or machine with dexwet filter technology. The many possible uses in various industries have allowed dexwet to achieve enormous success. 

7. Environmentally friendly, conserving resources

Contrary to most filter systems, dexwet filter technology offers you the choice of environmentally friendly production materials. For years, dexwet has been assisted in product development by renowned environmental research institutes. In 2008, Dexwet was named „Company of the Year“by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economics and Labor (BMWA) in Vienna. Dexwet filters can be almost entirely recycled, except for the soiled carrier substance, and thus help save materials and the environment (CO2 savings). 

8. Protection for man and machine

Keeping electronic equipment and machines dust-free is in the owner´s interest. Fine dust in printers, abrasion in electro motors, cigarette smoke and carpet abrasion tend to form a surface film on electronic parts which affect cooling and may cause damage due to short-circuits etc. The reduced cooling effect leads to increased heat development and deteriorating heat conduction, which is the main cause for malfunctions in electronic components.

9. Reduced operating costs, costs for spare parts, service and maintenance costs

Having to constantly clean equipment and exchange spare parts costs money. Based on years of experience and verified data, dexwet can provide solutions, which translate into real savings for small, - middle- and large businesses.  We warmly recommend any manufacturer or distributor of electronic equipment to look into this subject. Dexwet filter technology can often offer great saving potentials.

Please contact us for further information at support@dexwet.com

Further savings

  1. Reduces and ideally combines service intervals (technician)
  2. Reduces incidental costs (vehicle, fuel, telephone costs, overtime)
  3. Technicians can service more slot machines in the same time

Savings in material costs

  1. Less cleansing material needed for technicians (Cleansing fluid, vacuum cleaner bags, working clothes)
  2. Less electronic parts and components needed (Electronic cards, power packs, ventilators)

Eliminates downtime

  1. Less malfunctions due to less exposure to dust
  2. Reduced downtime due to reduced repair work
  3. No thermal problems due to improved cooling and cleaning
  4. Reduced technician costs (incl. travel time, vehicle, fuel)
  5. Material savings
  6. Reduced loss of revenue
  7. Increased availability for customers
  8. Increased customer satisfaction 

Technical innovation

  1. Pioneer GO GREEN
  2. Reduced air pollution in casinos and subsequently reduced air conditioning costs (filters and electricity)
  3. In accordance with environmental regulations and legislation => long-term effect
  4. Easy installation in slot machines in available space
  5. Possible certification

Industrial standard

  1. The latest technology => cutting edge
  2. Very easy to use for technicians
  3. Certified as standard product => sales monopoly

More efficiency

  1. Less cleaning costs and downtime by comparison
  2. Increased customer satisfaction
  3. Complies with all environmental guidelines and legislation
  4. The filters are 100% recyclable