Harmful substances and their impact

Fine dust has a serious impact on our health: scientific studies have demonstrated a linear correlation between fine dust pollution and serious- even life-threatening- diseases in respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Recent studies have shown that 345.000 premature deaths all over Europe result from the harmful effect of fine dust pollution.

The Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union Germany (NABU) states that the treatment of diseases due to fine dust pollution causes an annual economic damage of up to 790 billion Euro.

The smaller the fine dust particles, the more dangerous they are. Nanoparticles may penetrate the alveoli and the bloodstream, possibly resulting in cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Recent studies have shown that even small amounts of fine dust, below limit values, may be harmful to one´s health.  

Health risk microdust

A long-term study with 4800 residents of the Ruhr area in Germany recently demonstrated that fine dust increases the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Inhaling fine dust particles is correlated to aortic calcification and aortic sclerosis. According to the study, these results explain why persons living near highways are subject to increased risk of vascular calcification.