Electronics & Fine dust

Experts distinguish between coarse, fine (micro) and nano dust. Moreover, they distinguish between conventional dry filter systems (old technology) and modern wet filter systems (dexwet)

Filter systems are required in almost all technical devices, whether air conditioners, servers, screens, refrigerators or cars. The better these systems work, the longer a device or machine lives.    

However: filter systems must be regularly exchanged or cleaned in order to ensure that the device functions properly. Depending on how great dust pollution or how weak a filter system is, changing or cleansing is more often required.

The main advantage and key benefit of dexwet filter technology is that it can be installed where it

  • wasn´t previously technically possible (i.e. radiators) and
  • wasn´t economically sound (i.e. slot machines)
  • wasn´t imperative (i.e. screens, printers)

This means: the many product advantages form the basis of dexwet´s success in new markets and target groups that hadn´t previously considered fine dust pollution or cleaner air.

Recycling option

Add to this the fact that dexwet filter technology is very durable. Filter rods and filter panels can be recycled to 100% by dexwet any time. They must only be cleaned by means of specially developed solvent and be recoated in silicone oil.