dexwet pure air – Healthy air indoor

Children today spend more time in schools and kindergartens than ever. The indoor air in these facilities is often more polluted than outdoor air.

Fine and nano dust, viruses, bacteria, sports, fungi and microbes are threatening the health. The poor air quality is increasingly becoming a source of serious diseases. Statistics also show that respiratory diseases, allergies and skin diseases, especially in children increase dramatically.

Little is known that convectors make a significant contribution to this fact. During the heating season pathogens are continuously circulating with the room air if they are not filtered and bound. Between 10 to 20 times per day, the room air sweeps in heating mode Convectors, as driven by an invisible circulation pump. The purification of radiators is therefore a must in the fight against fine dust and all kinds of classic pathogens.

Radiator as a vacuum cleaner

Immediately after installing "dexwet pure air" the new air filter system fillters out up to 80 percent of all contained pollutant particles from the air and binds them off. This happens by taking advantage of the natural physical principles such as the stack effect and convection. Useful additional effect: The energy efficiency! dexwet filters prevent building dust accumulation in the interior of radiators, this is better for air circulation and reduces cleaning costs. The increased efficiency of the radiator in turn reduces heating costs.

A product of dexwet R&D

dexwet's wet filter technology is already standard in several major industries. Even the intelligent air filter system "dexwet pure air" works perfectly without any additional equipment and energy. To date, there is no cost-effective filtration system that can be used as broad in order to reduce the risk of infection in public places during the flu season.

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