Printers & Photocopiers

Dexwet filter systems are reliable and healthy – according to experts! They reliably and effectively shield users from toner dust emitted by laser printers, fax machines and photocopiers when in use. Up to 95% of fine dust, particles are demonstrably filtered out reliably over the whole service time.

Our filter systems are outstanding: efficient and easy to install. You can install them yourself in just a few minutes thanks to the self-adhesive Velcro tape in nearly all currently available machines. Find out which filter you need for your machine in following compatibility list.

Examples of filter systems

From the trade magazine "Druckerwelt"

Dexwet Simular One DE1000

DEXWET SIMULAR is available in gray (DE1000) and black (DEX1000). A fixture among dewed filter systems, it is easily installed and mainly suited for machines with small exhaust openings (100mm x 100mm). Dexwet Simular has been certified by LGA and OFI and offers reliable protection for up to 70.000 prints or approx. 12 months (varies with printer use).

Dexwet Modular Professional DE2000

DEXWET MODULAR is available in gray (DE2000) (pckg. includes two filters) or in black (DEX2000) (pckg. includes one filter). The Modular Professional Filter is suited for machines with oblong or very large exhaust openings (specifically suited for current HP devices). The flexible installation of several filters side by side also covers L-shaped exhaust openings.

Dexwet Modular Exchange System DE2500

This system (pckg. includes two exchange filters) consists of exchangeable filter cartridges (can be used in DE2000) without housing. After use, simply remove the used filters from the housing and replace with new ones. This will only take a few seconds.


Long-life product

Our filters can be replaced just as easily. The enclosed sticker can be attached to your machine to remind you later.

If you do forget to replace the filter, this will not affect your machine. The filter will lose its filtering ability (once maximum load is reached), but our filter´s open design ensures that your machine cannot overheat and there is always sufficient airflow. This is based on the average airflow velocity in printers of 14m/min.

Independent institutes and experts confirm, "The patented dexwet filter technology is a one of a kind technical design."

Filters, housing and accessories are all nontoxic

Used filters should not be put in the household waste bin but rather disposed of with hazardous waste, as the filtered toner dust is toxic.  Filter rods that are black or colored after use, may contain more toner than anticipated. All dexwet kits include disposable gloves; please use them when exchanging filters.