Machines & Electronics

Electronic devices and machines usually function unaided by personnel and thus require more complex electronic systems. These devices and machines can often be found in public areas that are full of people and smoke. Moreover, there may be a high dust level in the ambient air, depending on the location.

Machines also produce heat and need to be cooled. A machine needs to be cooled down from the inside, however, which means that cold air must be supplied or warm air syphoned off. Both options transfer ambient air into the machine. Yet this air is polluted (dust, cigarette smoke, hair, fine sand) and leads to excessive contamination of device´s interior.

Contaminated Displays at the Vienna Railwaystation West.

This means:

  • Frequent machine downtime
  • Strong contamination => increased risk of overheating, obstruction due to dust
  • Increased costs for spare parts, maintenance and  cleaning
  • Increased costs for energy and  air conditioner maintenance
  • Increased fine dust contamination in ambient air
  • Health risk for guests, visitors 

By installing patented dexwet filter technology, you to get get a handle on these problems and reduce contamination inside the device to a minimum. Dexwet-filters can be used in various ways:

Version 1: Using the combined fan filter => This is a combined ventilator, filter bracket and filter cartridge. The filter is fitted inside the machine and clears the air by means of recirculation. It is easily integrated in the machine and must only be connected to the existing power supply (24V/12V). Optimized placement within the machine may provide additional cooling under certain conditions. You can reduce the inside temperature by up to 10° C and you can leave the machine switched on during installation - it only takes 1 minute!  

Version 2: Using the dexwet filter and filter housing. The filter is fitted to the device´s fans (80x80) by means of blind rivets. The filter is fitted to the ventilation slits where ambient air is aspirated. Airflow is filtered and no dirt accumulates inside the machine. Installation takes less than 15 seconds and you can leave the machine switched on!

Version 3: Using dexwet filters and filter housing on the exhaust air fan. This is an added option to the versions mentioned above. This version filters the exhaust air with the advantage that no contaminated air is aspirated by adjoining machines. This considerably improves ambient air quality. Easy to install with blind rivets in a just a few seconds without needing to switch off the machine.