Low energy & passive houses

Unlike the commercial sector, where law regulates routine maintenance, air conditioning and ventilation systems in residential complexes and single-family homes are often neglected. This is detrimental to interior climate, life quality and health.

Air in low energy and passive houses is circulated entirely by ventilation systems. All systems must be equipped with supply and exhaust air filters and should be replaced quite frequently in order to avoid health risks for residents.

Dust and humidity often shut off air supply in most available filter elements when service life is exceeded. Contaminated air is then blown into the house and breathed in. If the homeowner does not check the system regularly, germs, dust, bacteria, spores, pollen and entire fungal cultures can spread out in the ventilation duct.

This affects our well-being and can lead to allergies, asthma and headaches or even skin irritations, eye redness, eye irritation and other afflictions.

Controlled domestic ventilation

The multifunctional filter system MF3 by dexwet provides

  • Good air quality in each room
  • Lower cleaning and running costs
  • High air volume throughput
  • Objectively improved indoor air
  • Improved life quality

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