Product ranges in progress

When working on new products, challenges and problems to be solved are similar to those of already established product ranges in certain industries:

  • Dust-induced contamination of electronic components
  • Bacterial contamination by spores, fungi, viruses and grease
  • Emissions causing health concerns

Our goal at dexwet is to solve challenges, gain advantages and reduce costs for the benefit of our clients – by means of our patented filter technology. We particularly aim to reduce

  • Cleaning costs
  • Health risks
  • Maintenance and service costs
  • Costs for spare parts
  • Energy costs


Current emphasis

  • Construction, agricultural and forestry equipment
  • Display systems & screens
  • Gastronomy equipment
  • Beverage vending machines & display cases
  • Automobiles and transport vehicles
  • Refrigerator and freezer systems
  • Servers and switchboard equipment
  • Filters for industrial machinery
  • Trains and subway systems