ATM machines & Point-of-sale systems

Whenever you need money at the bank, the train station, the gas station or at the airport – there is usually an ATM machine or point of sale system close by. Objectives and function range of these machines are nearly the same as those of a slot machine.

Air fans aspirate ambient air and the warm air within the device is discharged. This process transports dirt into the machine through the air fan where it is deposited on sensitive electronic components and may lead to complications. 

These devices require regular service and maintenance in order to avoid downtime or malfunctions. The dexwet multifunctional filter system MF3 accomplishes even more: Installation of our combined filter technology significantly and demonstrably reduces contamination inside the device and on electronic components. This also allows you to reduce service and maintenance costs as well as costs for spare parts.

The remarkably high airflow rate, filter efficiency of up to 95% and reduced strain on the air fans allow you to lower equipment temperature and reduce energy costs – thanks to dexwet filter technology.

High-maintenance point of sale systems

This also applies to modern cash registers. Inside the cash registers, electronic components can be found immediately behind the conveyor belt, where purchased goods are scanned. The large number of products scanned every day causes dust, dirt and heat. The specifically designed ventilation slits ensure adequate cooling but very often „warm“air is channeled into the device, which causes the electronic components to become contaminated. These devices must be cleaned regularly in order to ensure trouble-free operation.  

The dexwet multifunctional filter system MF3 allows you to avoid malfunctions and to reduce costs for service, maintenance and spare parts.