Filter systems

Dexwet filter system comprises staggered filter rods in several rows. Air-permeable plastic rods are coated with a special carrier fluid, which captures dust particles in polluted air and binds them.


Compared to common filter systems, dexwet technology is by far more efficient and features the best possible cleansing effect for micro and nanoparticles.

Our filter technology offers three main advantages (USPs):

1. Dexwet is economical: filter systems last longer and are more efficient than conventional dry filter technology (up to 4 times better).

2. Dexwet provides cleaner air: the filter technology´s improved efficiency also guarantees improved air quality and improved physical well-being.

3. Dexwet is low in emissions: Less energy consumption translates into less CO2 emissions when compared to conventional filter systems. 

Your return on investment (ROI) is minimum twice as fast as for conventional filter systems.

Manufacturing costs for dexwet filter systems may be higher than for conventional systems but the ratio can be quickly improved with an increased production volume, in the midterm below 1:1.