Technology & Innovation

Dexwet filter solutions are based on modern nanotechnology combined with fundamental principles of physics and chemistry. Our filter systems most effectively help reduce fine and very fine dust. Further hazardous micro particles such as viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi or pollen are largely filtered out.

The patented filter system comprises staggered filter rods in several rows. These plastic rods are air-permeable and coated with a special carrier fluid, which absorbs dust particles and binds them. Compared to conventional filter systems, dexwet technology features a very high cleansing effect of micro and nanoparticles.

Filters are required in nearly all electronic equipment in order to protect sensitive components from dust, dirt and overheating. Existing filter technology can, however, even increase the danger of overheating if filters are clogged and impair the required airflow. 

The dexwet-system guarantees a comparatively high airflow with little loss of pressure. The filter´s sterility and long, unvaryingly effective filtration performance stand out from the rest. The dexwet design ensures sufficient airflow required for smoothly running equipment, even if filters are clogged with coarse dust. Overheating is close to impossible when using our filters.  

Efficiency proven by market

Dexwet is well established in the sector of office equipment, slot machines, ATM machines and display systems. Our technology has been on the market for more than 10 years, protected by the dexwet patent family, and has been proven functional and effective. Any joint development with cooperating industry partners has thus always constituted new areas of use for our basic technology, protected accordingly by licensing rights.