Target groups and markets

Despite using conventional filter media, observing all cleaning, and service intervals regulated by law, contamination and malfunctions or even complete breakdowns may occur in industrial and home filter systems, motors and electrical appliances.

This contamination is caused by grease, dust- and smoke particles and does not only affect business processes but is increasingly the cause of health problems due to bacteria, germs spores and fungi conveyed therein.

Where man and machine interact so closely, filtration is essential. Most areas in industry or household, offices or workshops require air purification systems. Intelligent and efficient systems have a positive impact on operating efficiency and environmental safety, which leads many companies and environmental experts to value them highly.

Why our filters are better

This is where dexwet wet filtration technology comes into play. It is much more efficient than most conventional filter systems and improves durability and cost effectiveness in motors and equipment – not to mention healthy conditions. Once filtered, hazardous particles can no longer enter the air since they adhere to the filter´s surface in a viscous, air-permeable substance where they remain stuck. Our technology is exclusive and patent protected.

In use all over the world

Dexwet is a supplier for major international customers such as Novomatic, Gauselmann, Diebold etc. and is extending the scope of worldwide activities by means of new cooperatio

n partners and by acquiring new clients and markets, for instance in transport and infrastructure industries. dexwet will continue to concentrate mainly on B2B-markets, particularly in Europe, USA and Asia. In the long term, we will certainly move on to include B2C markets.

We are commited to releasing continuous and transparent reports on all business matters. We have put public relations work in the hands of professional service providers. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our company or about products and services at dexwet.