Research & Development

Fine dust and nanodust are among the greatest challenges of our time. These particles are respirable due to their small size and can enter the human blood stream directly when inhaled. We now know that some of these substances are toxic and may cause diseases or even cancer. This was the starting point in the development of dexwet fine dust filter technology 10 years ago.

In an attempt to reduce environmental impact, industries now install particle separation systems and modern diesel vehicles are required by law to have particulate filters. dexwet technology filters out fine dust right where it starts to collect - near people and equipment that continuously causes and collects fine dust. In doing so, dexwet protects your employee´s health, human capital, as well as your investment in business-critical equipment, electronic equipment and basic infrastructure.


Dexwet filter solutions ensure high airflow for the entire service life. Durability is at least twice that of most conventional filter media. dexwet technologies is therefore perfectly suited to areas requiring both  high air flow and  continuously stable filtering efficiency of fine and coarse dust.

In our department „Business Solutions“, F&E focusses on streamlining current and future business activities. This allows us to implement potential savings in business processes and infrastructure. In „Consumer Products“, we develop trade-specific filter products, often in close cooperation with industrial partners. Every dexwet product provides high-quality results, ideally tailored to meet the industry´s requirements.


Dexwet filter technology sets new standards in sectors where filtration was previously difficult or impossible to realize due to the required airflow. Dexwet´s ability to fill this niche has allowed us to become a worldwide leader in the filter industry, winning numerous awards. We are always poised to confront competitors and ready to break into new markets and meet new customer requirements.
Sustainability is an F&E maxim at dexwet and environmental friendliness is a core issue.  

Yet matching technology with profitability is what makes our filter systems so interesting. Our filters create an added value, when and wherever they are used. This caused the Austrian Ministry for Economic Affairs to pronounce dexwet „ Company of the Year in the category of Environmental Technology“in 2008.