Company Profile

Inventor and entrepreneur Erich Peteln and his business associates founded Dexwet International AG in Austria in 2011. The company’s history dates back to 2002 when the patent holding company dexwet USA LLC in Georgia, USA was founded. Dexwet Technology Vertriebs-GmbH followed in 2005, paving the way for the first product line, fine dust filters for printers.

Both companies have been part of dexwet International AG with all their assets since autumn of 2011. In the course of consolidation, both Austrian companies merged in September of 2012, transferring all assets. The company purchased all patent and trademark rights previously owned by the subsidiary company dexwet USA LLC in autumn of 2013.

Consolidating the dexwet group into a powerful corporation with a healthy equity base, assuming complete economic and legal control of all technology and marketing has significantly increased the company´s attractiveness for investors. Relying on its longstanding network, dexwet has sufficient on-site and external production capacity to be able to meet growing demand.

Filtering as part of business processes

Dexwet considers filtration of coarse and fine dust as a part of the business process and takes a comprehensive view: After finding the source of dust exposure, we then identify client-specific requirements as well as possible technical problems and economic ramifications. Based on this analysis, we adapt our technology to the customer´s infrastructure in order to achieve the desired result.  

We involve leading industry and cooperation partners in product development, ensuring your strategic „first mover“ advantage while retaining our rights to independently market the resulting products in other markets and regions. Prospective partners interested in dexwet and our technology´s profit potential, are more than welcome.