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Traditionally, there are four principles to air filtration – sieve effect, mass inertia, diffusion effect and interceptive effect. Ever since dexwet filter technology has been developed, there is a fifth principle: wet filtration. Please refer to >> conventional filtration.

Dexwet products are moist filter rods or filter panels, which extricate fine dust particles from air gusts or circulating air–, and they are much more efficient and economical than common filtration systems. This is thanks to hydrophilic plastic materials coated with silicone oil, which do not dry out or evaporate, even in ten years.  

These products are classically known as „cleantech“ or „greentech“ and are entirely in keeping with current trends– efficient, economical and ecological, emitting less CO2 along the life cycle. A comparatively small production volume means they are higher-priced yet filters are very successful thanks to their above average efficiency.

More information on the new room air filter system "dexwet pure air".

Advantages at a glance

  1. Wet filtration technology
  2. Consistently high air flow
  3. Long- term fine dust binding (also bacteria, spores, germs and fungi)
  4. No "billiard ball effect" (impuls-effect)
  5. 90 - 95% filter efficiency: virtually sterile
  6. Flexible and expandable
  7. Environmentally friendly, conserves resources
  8. Protects man and machine
  9. Reduces operating costs, costs for spare parts, service and maintenance costs

Please click here for an explanation of wet filtration.