Dexwet International is an Austro-American corporation with more than 90 shareholders and a share capital of EUR 1.550.000. The board of directors and supervisory board consist of renowned technology and management experts.


Clemens Sparowitz | CEO 

Entrepreneur, ideas person and provider of innovative solutions since starting out in his career. Following his studies in law and business adminstration in Graz and Vienna (1994-1998), Clemens  Sparowitz graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna with an MBA in „Integrated Strategy Management“(2000-2005). He started out professionally in 1998 as sales manager at a fundraising agency and subsequently worked as project manager at a management consultant firm and head of marketing at a software development firm.  From 2003 through 2006, he was responsible for facility management and organizational development at the rector´s office at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna. In 2006, he founded Pristec AG with several partners, a company focusing on technological innovation. He was on the board of directors there until 2012. In 2011, Clemens Sparowitz joined the board of directors of the newly established dexwet International AG and has been CEO of the dexwet group since 2014.

Alexander Wiesmüller | COO

Internet entrepreneur and IT consultant. Alexander began his career as a system engineer at Grafotron where he developed first WYSIWIG terminals for phototypesetting, and then as an IT system integrator and CTO at IBM partner Metro B.O.T. In 1994 he founded the legendary Austrian internet provider VIANET which he led as CEO until its successful sale in in 1999. Since 2000 he has been CEO of GlobalCore, a consulting firm which deals with the planning, selection, optimization and ongoing management of IT and Security Solutions (Data Center). In this environment he also led several ventures like Euro Secure and Advanced Computer Solutions until 2009. Wiesmüller will be responsible for the organization, back office and infrastructure of dexwet.


Dr. Wolfgang Schiketanz | Capital Advisor

Capital market expert and asset manager. Wolfgang Schiketanz has many years of experience in portfolio and fund management and in advising private and institutional investors. From 1982 until 1990 he was responsible for the development and evaluation of leverage buyouts and M&A transactions at the GiroCredit Bank in Vienna and New York, from 1990 on he was Head of new issues at Erste Bank and since 1991 head of equity trading at Investkredit. Since 1993 Schiketanz is managing partner of Schiketanz Capital Advisors GmbH. He is an expert in risk management, trading and asset management and lecturer in quantitative asset management at the University of Applied Sciences of BFI.

Robert Socha | Expert on securities, stocks & bonds

Stock broker. Robert Socha qualified as measurement and control technician and for many years held managerial positions as measurement  and master electrician at major companies such as EUMIG (1975-1983), Siebdruck Hauser and Österreichische HIAG Werke AG (1983-1996). In the early 1990s,  he became stock exchange and securities trader, initially working as consultant and trader, then going on to become managing director of specialized investment firms such as Brown & Lampe (2001-2003) and Winvestors (2003-2013). He was later independent consultant for Winvestors. Robert Socha was a long-standing member of  Contain-Dry AG and  Pristec AG´s supervisory boards and has been consultant and member of the supervisory board at dexwet international AG since 2011.

Hansjörg Wagner | Technology Advisor

Investor, technology entrepreneur and business development expert based in Singapore. The native Austrian has twenty years of market expertise in Asian markets, currently he is responsible as senior vice president, for the entire Asia Pacific (APAC) region at Juniper Networks, with almost 10,000 employees the world's second largest network equipment provider. Previously he was in charge of Asia and as Senior Vice President for Global Field Operations management team member at the California telecom equipment manufacturer Polycom. Until 2006 Hansjoerg was Managing Director of Packeteer Asia Pacific (now BlueCoat). Wagner invests in young technology companies with high potential for the future and advises companies in their entry into global markets.

Thomas Wally | Founding Partner

Strategy consultant and sales expert with a particular focus on technology and sensor solutions. Thomas Wally is qualified mechanical engineer and has been shareholder, associate and consultant for dexwet since 2001. He accompanied several start-ups until they were sold and was engaged in production, development and sales at several Austrian and German technology companies. Following the sale of his company Ispatech in Steyr (OÖ) in 2004, which specialized in filter technologies, he focused on marketing and customer development programs. In his spare time, he is a sports coach and trainer in adult education.