Dexwet International is an Austrian corporation, specializing in the development, manufacture and distribution of the corporation’s filter technology. The corporation is rooted in the world of XEROX, primarily specializing in filter systems („health products“ preventing dust formation) for photocopiers, fax and laser machines for the first ten years (starting in 1998).   

After 2006, the corporation supplied both pharmaceutical industry (pharmaceutical mixing machines) and gaming industry (filter systems in mechanical and electronic slot machines.) The necessary business expansion into other industrial and business sectors unveiled the immense business potential available to dexwet technologies.

Dexwet International AG is based on several patents, approved in the USA (since 2002) and subsequently in Europe and Asia. The base material (synthetic) is currently manufactured in Germany, the coating is manufactured in Poland and components are assembled in Austria and Hungary. This work may also be carried out in other countries for larger orders and cooperative arrangements.

Im Überblick

  • 2000 First dexwet patent filed
  • 2002 Dexwet USA LLC founded. First patent granted in the U.S.A.
  • 2005 Dexwet Technology Vertriebs-GmbH founded. Market launch of dexwet fine dust filter for printers
  • 2008: Named „Company of the Year “in the field of environmental technology by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economics and Labor (BMWA) in Vienna. Market launch of fine dust filters for pharmaceutical equipment (TÜV)
  • 2009: Market launch of fine dust filters for the gaming industry (slot machines)
  • 2011: Dexwet International AG, holding company of dexwet group, founded
  • 2012: Strategic realignment and merger of dexwet Technology Vertriebs-GmbH and dexwet International AG. Brand and patent rights introduced.
  • 2013: Horizontal marketing of established products in large and attractive electronics industries
  • 2014: Expansion in new industrial sectors by means of product innovation