Installing dexwet filters

Installing dexwet-filters in slot machines or card payment systems is quick and easy – causing only limited downtime.

Machines tend to draw in ambient air at the bottom or back and conduct it to areas that generate the most heat  (i.e. power supply unit) or are the most heat-sensitive  (i.e. main processor or mainboard). The warm air is then usually discharged by means of the so-called chimney effect at the machine´s top. 

When installing the dexwet-filter, we usually choose a space near the air-intake openings in direction of airflow. The filter element side is fitted contrary to airflow. The air fan then draws in additional air through the filter insert and improves existing air circulation.

The air fan can also be installed in the cool air area, leading around the mainboard, instead of in the general direction of airflow within the housing (which should be enhanced). The mainboard is usually also cooled by a separate circulation circuit. Please ensure that the air fan is facing the cool air intake (Filter element is fitted against airflow). 

Fitting the filter: In order to install the filter at a selected location, please attach one side of the enclosed double-sided adhesive with Velcro at the fan frame´s base and the other at the selected place of installation. The combined filter can now be easily removed and reattached, for example when exchanging filters.

Electrical connection: The combined fan is a standard 24V 0,6A fan. Often, the machine´s mainboard comes equipped with unused power sources. In case these aren´t included or are, being used otherwise, dexwet supplies matching T-pieces allowing use of this source. Of course, manufacturers supply varying types of plugs. Please indicate serial number and model when applying for a licensing agreement. This ensures supply of suitable plugs. 

Replacing filters: Filters can be replaced easily and in no time. No tools are required. Simply remove the combination filter, and then remove the filter frame and the plastic blind rivets. The filter element can now easily be ejected at the back. Insert the new filter element and replace the filter frame using the plastic blind rivets. The blind rivets ensure that the filter element does not fall out if the machine is used in an upright position.  

Safety precautions for used filters: Unused filter elements do not contain hazardous substances. When handling used filters, avoid all contact with eyes or skin. Keep out of the reach of children.   

Service life

The average service life of dexwet filters is approximately six months, depending on the machine´s location.  Filters should be exchanged after this period, which can be easily accomplished in just a few seconds.  You do not need to take any particular precautions (such as wearing protective gloves or glasses) when exchanging the filters as they are entirely nontoxic.

Wet filters are a cornerstone of dexwet-filter technology. They are coated with a carrier substance which binds dust particles to the filter rods and cannot be released into the air, even by jolts or vibrations (during filter replacement or when moving a slot machine within the casino). Moreover, any hazardous pollutants (bacteria, viruses or germs) are filtered out and covered by the carrier substance. The lack of oxygen eliminates most biological pollutants.

Entirely maintenance-free

Even permanently high temperatures (65 - 70°C) do not dry out the filters and do not require renewed coating. Therefore, dexwet filters are entirely maintenance-free from start to finish.

Even if you never exchange the filter, it cannot become clogged, which may be detrimental to your machine. The filter´s open design allows for sufficient airflow despite running at maximum capacity so slot machines cannot overheat.

The dexwet filter system was tested successfully by Austrian Gaming Industries (NOVOMATIC Group) over a period of 10 months and is now standard in all new equipment.

Advantages and benefits

  • Reduces costs for technicians and materials
  • Eliminates downtime in slot machines
  • Implements standard industrial products
  • Achieves greater efficiency than the competition

Savings potential

An example on saving technician costs (cleaning) for slot machines

One slot machine per year for 1.000 slot machines
Cleaning 6 h (0,5 h/month) 6.000 h (500 h/month)
based on EUR 20 EUR 240 EUR 240.000
Reduced with dexwet 1,5 h (3 x 0,5 h/year) 1.500 h (3 x 500 h/year)
Filter pack per year approx. EUR 65/unit approx. EUR 50/unit
Savings EUR 115 (excl. b-f) EUR 130.000 (excl. b-f)
dexwet founder Erich Peteln at hungarian factory

Further savings

  1. Reduces and ideally combines service intervals (technician)
  2. Reduces incidental costs (vehicle, fuel, telephone costs, overtime)
  3. Technicians can service more slot machines in the same time

Savings in material costs

  1. Less cleansing material needed for technicians (Cleansing fluid, vacuum cleaner bags, working clothes)
  2. Less electronic parts and components needed (Electronic cards, power packs, ventilators)

Eliminates downtime

  1. Less malfunctions due to less exposure to dust
  2. Reduced downtime due to reduced repair work
  3. No thermal problems due to improved cooling and cleaning
  4. Reduced technician costs (incl. travel time, vehicle, fuel)
  5. Material savings
  6. Reduced loss of revenue
  7. Increased availability for customers
  8. Increased customer satisfaction 

Technical innovation

  1. Pioneer GO GREEN
  2. Reduced air pollution in casinos and subsequently reduced air conditioning costs (filters and electricity)
  3. In accordance with environmental regulations and legislation => long-term effect
  4. Easy installation in slot machines in available space
  5. Possible certification

Industrial standard

  1. The latest technology => cutting edge
  2. Very easy to use for technicians
  3. Certified as standard product => sales monopoly

More efficiency

  1. Less cleaning costs and downtime by comparison
  2. Increased customer satisfaction
  3. Complies with all environmental guidelines and legislation
  4. The filters are 100% recyclable