Slot machines, card payment and POS systems consist of electronic components that are exposed to dust, dirt and heat. Conventional air filters get dirty quickly, which jeopardizes proper functioning. That’s over now: thanks dexwet.


dexwet filters can be quickly and easily replaced. They are also recyclable. Even if you forget to replace a used filter, that’s no problem. Due to the filter’s open design cooling remains ensured.


Whether in radiators, servers, heating or air conditioning systems: For most currently available filter media, dust and humidity will cause clogging, which may lead to noxious contamination and overheating. This is easy to avoid.


What is filtered by dexwet, remains reliably bound. Thus, the air in the interior of cars remains permanently clean and healthy – not only for people allergic to pollen. Also healthy people are protected against fine dust.

Healthy Indoor Air for Kindergartens and Schools

After 12 months of development the Austro-American filter manufacturer dexwet International launched its new room air filter system "dexwet pure air" at the Magna Racino Ebreichsdorf. The "world's first made in Austria" is already being delivered from beginning 2015 and sold through a nationwide plumber network. In a first step, especially kindergartens, schools and hospitals should be addressed, where the risk of infection is high because of contaminated particulate matter, says dexwet founder Erich Peteln.

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    In memory of the deceased Dexwet inventor, founder and board member Erich Peteln, the annual general meeting for the 2016 financial year took place on 28 April in Vienna. Despite the general concern, the Management Board was able to convey a great deal of confidence for the future to the attending shareholders. After the turnaround, dexwet plans a capital increase for 2017 and profits for the ...


  • dexwet filter Spray for NASCAR use 2107

    As part of the season's launch of the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series 2017 in Valencia, Spain, dexwet has launched its first filter spray for the reprocessing of dexwet filters. After simple washing of dexwet plastic filters in the dishwasher, "Dexwet Absorber Fluid" is applied from a spray can and thus makes it fully ready for use again. This WORLD PREMIERE helps increasing engine ...


Wet Filtering
by dexwet

dexwet filters consist of staggered filter rods in several rows. The fabric is air-permeable and coated with a special carrier fluid, which captures dust particles in polluted air and permanently binds them. Therefore it prevents maschines from overheating, clogging and contamination. The longer service life and therefore less frequent filter replacement with dexwet technology translates into pure economic advantage. And in addition: Filter rods and plates can be recycled anytime and up to 100%, by easy cleaning and renewing coating.

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